Clash Royale February Update leaks 2019

Recently Clash Royale team made a Reddit post about the new upcoming February update in which they mentioned a few important things about the update.

Delivering something entirely new.

Clash Royale needs something really new and Clash Royale dev team knows that. They should introduce something that keeps things fresh for players.

Clan Wars 2.0

Although clan wars is a solid feature it can definitely go with some improvements. Especially for me, I have started to get a little bit bored of it. In fact, sometimes I find myself completely forgetting to do my collection day battles and missing out on war even though I do play the game quite a bit every single day.

Fixing all the cool stuff

This to me screams quality of life changes. Instead of introducing a useless new feature I'd rather just get a few really solid quality of life changes.

Trade token UI

Trade tokens are guaranteed to get at least some good changes to them in the next update. I am sure Clash team will come up with a great idea.

Optional update with some bug fixes

It is great that Clash Royale team addresses the countless issues and bugs in the game at the moment. With so many crashing glitches and stuff like that, I really hope Clash team gets those hammered out pretty soon.

3v3 mode

A Youtuber recently leaked the asset file of Clash Royale which shows 3v3 mode coming to CR. It would probably be a new super casual and fun game mode.

King of the hill

In the same image, you can see a new file named kingofthehill. This could be a very interesting tournament type game mode.

No towers

We have another file named 'notowers'. I am not too sure about how this game mode will work.

PvE game mode

In the end, we have a PvE game mode which would definitely be very interesting. For those of you who don't know PvE stands for a player versus environment. It will be a kind of single-player mode.

Hosted Challenges (Organized Challenges)

This seems like some new kind of friendly battle request but I am sure it's actually quite different. I think maybe it's a way to launch some kind of tournament or competition.
That's all we know until now. Clash on!

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